Pursuing FQHC Designation

There are two ways to obtain FQHC status: either as a Section 330 grantee or as a Look-Alike clinic.

Section 330 Grantee: BPHC holds grant competitions from time to time for the funding of new FQHC clinics. theFranaGroup has completed twenty-three successful applications for this funding. Competition for these funds is strong and our experience and knowledge can make the difference in your application being successfully funded.

Look-Alike Clinics: The Bureau of Primary Health Care (BPHC) conducts year-round administrative review of clinics wanting Look-Alike status, enabling them to achieve FQHC status. theFranaGroup, with a 100 percent record of success, can help your organization submit a successful Look-Alike application.

ER Diversion Clinics: theFranaGroup can assist your hospital in creating a diversion clinic in partnership with a local FQHC by providing the expertise and coordination necessary to create a win-win solution.