“We feel very fortunate to have found theFranaGroup.  We had used another consultant in a previous application attempt and felt like the end product was the result of cookie cutter approach, taking little notice of the unique skills we brought to the table.  Frana took the time to both listen and learn of our interests and skills that drove us to be interested in pursuing an FQHC; and to educate us in what it would take to be a successful applicant and operator.  I have referred many of my colleagues to theFranaGroup without reservation.  We continue to use theFranaGroup as our consultants on FQHC operating issues and proposal development.  I have every confidence in their competence and capacity to deliver an outstanding end product.”

Robert Krumwied

CEO, Regional Mental Health Center - Merrillville, IN

“Consider yourself fortunate to have crossed paths with theFranaGroup. They are one of the best resources you will find if you are looking to improve efficiency, secure 330 funding, strengthen management and learn more about the community health center movement. Before we partnered with theFranaGroup, our health center had twice been turned down for section 330 funding. Like many of you, we were working hard, seeing lots of patients and really making a difference in our community. theFranaGroup showed us how to illustrate that through our grant application – and we received funding on our first attempt with them! They have been very professional and comprehensive, not vanishing once you are funded. Rather, they work with you to navigate the complicated system as well as keep you informed about what’s to come. They are more than consultants, they are hardworking members of YOUR team.  I can’t say enough about John, Linda and their colleagues; other than you’ll be in great hands.”

Vernita Todd

CEO, Heart City Health Center - Elkhart, IN

“If you are looking for someone to assist you with federal grant applications or to address clinic operational issues, look no further!  theFranaGroup are experts in the community health center area, with years of “hands-on experience dealing with the same issues and funding challenges you face. GraceMed Health Clinic began to work with theFranaGroup in 2005, preparing for a New Access Point funding cycle.  We were not only funded, but received one of the highest application scores for that respective round.  We continue to work with theFranaGroup as we anticipate new opportunities to bring more federal funds to South Central Kansas to provide quality health care services for area residents.  Call theFranaGroup. You will not be disappointed!”

David C. Sanford

CEO, GraceMed Health Clinic, Inc. - Wichita, KS

“In 2003 Indiana Primary Health Care Association recommended Mr. John Frana of theFranaGroup to NorthShore Health Centers (NorthShore) as someone who might be interested in writing a 330 grant application for the center. After talking with Mr. Frana, we agreed to meet and he wanted to come to NorthShore for a visit. What is impressive about Mr. Frana and theFranaGroup is that they do not write a Federal 330 Grant Application for just any Community Health Center. He determines what the odds are of the center succeeding; by the needs of the community, the support of the board of directors, the support of the community, the management, and the staff.

Mr. Frana decided that NorthShore was very much in need of a 330 grant and that we met the qualifications. NorthShore received the grant the first time in, which is almost unheard of. Mr. Frana and theFranaGroup have an excellent track record for successful applications (September 2007 $69 million in direct funding and over $60 million in enhanced funding).

In addition to helping health centers get funding, theFranaGroup, which includes Linda Potts, Vice President, and other professionals such as accountants, pharmacists, clinical personnel, and others, as needed, does site visits in order to assist organizations in developing quality assurance, 340B programs, write policies, strategic planning, executive mentoring, development and board training, and advise the CEO on how to manage the Federal 330 grant once it is obtained.

theFranaGroup does not desert the health center once funding is received. The funding is the easy part; compliance requires a great deal the first year and advice is much needed. Mr. Frana and Mrs. Potts have over 40 years of experience together and have all the answers for you. There has never been a time that I have asked for help and Mr. Frana or Mrs. Potts has not answered an e-mail or called to help me through a problem. That is what makes theFranaGroup worth every penny. You will never need another consultant throughout the life of the Federal 330 Grant. If you need anyone John Frana can get you who or what you need at a very reasonable cost.

If you have any questions please feel free to call me on my private line 219-764-6052.”

Janice Wilson

CEO, NorthShore Health Centers - Portage, IN