theFranaGroup secures $650,000 in federal grant funding for GraceMed Clinic, Wichita, Kansas

Rockford IL, August 10, 2011:  theFranaGroup, a national healthcare consulting firm, announced today it has secured $650,000 in federal grant funding for GraceMed, a Federally Qualified Health Center in Wichita, Kansas. GraceMed will open a new satellite clinic in an underserved area of southeast Wichita, including services for the homeless population. Only 67 awards were funded in a competition with 810 applications. In July, GraceMed and two of its school district partners also received $1.5 million in school based clinic capital awards with assistance from theFranaGroup.

theFranaGroup has an extraordinary application success rate with 20 New Access Point FQHC clinics funded since 1999. In the last twelve years, they have worked with over 100 organizations, reviewed over 200 clinical sites in 35 states and Puerto Rico. They have secured over $186 million in direct grant funding for clients and another $465 million in enhanced reimbursement for services, totaling over $651 million to provide care to the uninsured an low income patients.

theFranaGroup is a national health care consulting firm headquartered in Rockford IL, specializing in Federally Qualified Health Centers. 20 Federally Qualified Health Centers have been successfully funded through theFranaGroup since its inception. Clients include health systems, public health departments, hospitals, private practices, residency programs, free clinics and federally qualified health centers.