theFranaGroup announced today a goal of reaching $1 Billion Dollars in benefits for clients by 2014

Rockford IL, March 13, 2012:  theFranaGroup, a national healthcare consulting firm, announced today a goal of reaching $1 Billion Dollars in benefits for clients by 2014. Under the Affordable Patient Care Act this year, not-for-profit hospitals are required to conduct a Community Health Needs Assessment in their communities and provide strategic goals for reduction of health disparities. With the addition of the Community Health Needs Assessment requirement, theFranaGroup expects its clients and hospitals to partner to provide improved health outcomes for their communities. “We look forward to working with our hospital clients to leverage the Community Health Needs Assessment requirement into measurable health improvements in their communities as well as strengthen their relationships with Federally Qualified Health Centers,” stated John Frana, President.

theFranaGroup has an extraordinary application success rate with 20 New Access Point Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) clinics funded since 1999. In the last twelve years, they have worked with over 100 organizations, reviewed over 200 clinical sites in 35 states and Puerto Rico, secured over $253 million in direct grant funding for clients and another $633 million in enhanced reimbursement for services, totaling over $886 million to provide care to the uninsured and low income patients.

theFranaGroup is a national health care consulting firm headquartered in Rockford IL, specializing in Federally Qualified Health Centers. Clients include health systems, public health departments, hospitals, private practices, residency programs, free clinics and Federally Qualified Health Centers. Frana previously served as President & CEO of Crusader Community Health, a Federally Qualified Health Center, in Rockford for 23 years before creating his own national consulting firm.